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10th January

Siobhan Clarke

Dress, Dazzle and Display.


Tudor Court dress was used as a political, economic and social tool.  Laws were passed to regulate dress at all levels of society.  Elizabeth I, decked out in a dazzling array of jewels and fine clothes, projected the ultimate image of royal power.  Fashion was anything but frivolous!

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14th February

Louise Camby

The Hope of Spring.

The season of Spring brings hope and happiness.  Have you ever wondered how April Fool’s day started or how eggs became a symbol of Easter?  How the marathon began and the history of May Day?  A visual, fun and informative talk.

13th March

Susie Howe

Animals and Their Famous Owners.


Florence Nightingale always carried an owl in her pocket.  The Duke of Wellington rode his beloved horse.  Oscar Wilde took his pet lobster for walks around Oxford.  Fact or fiction?  Come and find out!

10th April

Annabel Brash

Dance the Musicals.


We’re looking to forward to taking to the dance floor this evening!  "Anyone can do it... to get everyone dancing and enjoying it is a wonderful thing".

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8th May

The Resolution Meeting followed by Colin Brown

RNLI ‘It’s Not All At Sea’.


The RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews are ready to launch 24/7.  With 238 lifeboat stations around the coasts of the UK and Ireland, the RNLI have created a ring of safety to help protect and save those in peril at sea.

Champagne with Raspberries

12th June

A Summer Soiree.

With special guest singer Matthew Elverson.

10th July

Victoria Frances

Violin performance.

Victoria Frances is a talented violinist.  She is highly respected in the world of serious music but also gives energetic performances of lighter music and is greatly sought after in the field of variety entertainment.

14th August

Sharon Wright

High Society.

In the 1900's balloons became all the rage among ladies who lunched… and flew for fun.  Sharon will reveal the absolutely fabulous stories of Golden Age heiresses, actresses, writers, scientists, explorers and suffragettes who went up, up and away before aeroplanes changed the skies forever.

11th September


Michelle Ernoult

The Benefits of Honey and Beeswax.

Beeswax and  honey have many wonderful properties which make them ideal for skincare products.

9th October


Peter Allen

Through The Stage Door.


Is there anything more exciting than the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd?  Since the first playhouse opened in 1576, the theatres of London have ruled the theatrical world.

13th November

The Annual Meeting and Christmas Crafts.


Members will have the opportunity to review the year’s programme of activities and events. The previous year’s Financial Statement will be presented for adoption and there will be the vote for our President.

11th December

A Christmas Celebration.

Join us for a fun-filled festive evening.  Dinner, fizz, games and gifts.  Wear your Christmas jumper.

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