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Walk and Talk.

Wednesday 6th March.  Meet at the bridge at the end of Claremont Road at 9.30am for a gentle stroll through the woods.

Scrabble group.


If you would like to meet and play scrabble in a relaxed, friendly environment, come along to Angela's on Friday 8th and 22nd March at 2.00pm.

Animals and Their Famous Owners.  Susie Howe.

Wednesday 13th March.

Florence Nightingale always carried an owl in her pocket.  The Duke of Wellington rode his beloved horse.  Oscar Wilde took his pet lobster for walks around Oxford.  Fact or fiction?  Come and find out!


Book Club.

The next meeting is at Sarah's on Monday 18th March at 3.30pm.  We are reading and discussing The Heart of Midlothian by Sir Walter Scott.

Knit and Natter, Crochet and Chatter.


The group meets once a month, usually on the third Thursday of the month.  Come and spend time with fellow crafters - it’s informal, relaxed and suitable for crafters of all levels.   

The next group meeting will be on Thursday 21st March at 2.15pm at Sheila's.  


Lunch Club.

Join us for lunch at The Victoria in Surbiton on Tuesday 26th March at 12.30pm.  Please contact Stella for details.


Coffee and Cake.

We will be at The Claygate Centre for the Community on Thursday 28th March.  We hope you will come join us for coffee, cake and a chat at 10.30am.  

Wednesday 10th April.​

Dance the Musicals with Annabel Brash.


We’re looking to forward to taking to the dance floor this evening!  "Anyone can do it... to get everyone dancing and enjoying it, is a wonderful thing".

The Hound of the Baskervilles.  A wonderfully barking spoof!

Friday 19th April at 7.30pm.


A Claygate Dramatic Society production at Claygate Village Hall.  Tickets, including supper, cost £20.00.  Please pay Wendy by cheque or cash.


A Coy Mistress. 


We are going to Esher Theatre on Saturday 27th April at 7.45pm.


‘An amusing play, exploring the minefield that is modern life’.  Tickets cost £20.00/£21.50.  Please pay Wendy by cheque or cash.

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